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Friday, April 1, 2011

Mike Klund Endorsed By Radical Union Boss - While Aaron Hilmer is TRASHED

By now, every one in South County knows that the corrupt Mehlville Firefighters union, IAFF Local 1889, has unloaded over $87,000 of their members dues to Mike Klund. Klund is quasi-literate at best and has made only ONE appearance to speak to the public which is included above in its entirety (with subtitles). Since Local 1889 formed the front group "Friends of Mehlville Fire District" this union has sent out numerous hit pieces on Aaron Hilmer which are completely filled with lies, distortions and character assassination. Local 1889 even spent $25,000 to hire ex-Gephardt, ex-Slay Democrat shill, Ed Rhode to conduct their symphony of negativity against Incumbent Mehlville FPD chairman, Aaron Hilmer.

However, yesterday one of the MCTA's members who is a union member received a letter from the head union boss of the Greater St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Robert A. Soutier. And guess what? Another hit on Aaron Hilmer as "a frightening mirror image of Wisconsin Governor Walker". OOOO! We're scared! Hilmer is EVIL Klund is GOOD. Of course we know that the unions have ALL endorsed Local 1889's inarticulate puppet Klund.

We urge you to check out this letter (below). It is a tribute to the effectiveness of Aaron Hilmer for his twilight struggle against self-aggrandizing and greedy public-sector unions like Local 1889 and cleaning up 25 years of union corruption at the MFPD. We can only hope that after Hilmer is victorious on April 5, he will cut off the head of the beast once and for all. As taxpayers, we are sick of out-of-area union thugs dictating the course of a local government we pay for. Keep in mind that Mike Klund is the C.O.P.E. (Committee for Political Education) for ALL UNIONS in the St. Louis region. Just watch the above video and ask yourself WHY ANYONE would vote for a person so obviously incompetent who allows his minions to lie, cheat and steal in his name. Robert A. Soutier, head jumoke of the Greater St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO speaks:

Greater St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO
3301 Hollenberg Dr.
Bridgeton, MO 63044
Phone: 314-291-8666
FAX: 314-291-8676

Brothers and Sisters:

We are all too familiar with the blatant attack on organized labor across America. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the national leader of these attacks. But we have a local version of Governor Walker right here in South County.

Our records indicate that you reside in the boundaries of the Melville Fire Protection District. The Chairman of the Board of your fire district is Aaron Hilmer. Mr. Hilmer is a frightening mirror image of Wisconsin Governor Walker. He has made no attempt to hide his feeling of Organized Labor. He has shown what can happen to employees when they have no right to bargain collectively.

During his tenure he:

• Refuses to commit to union labor on building projects (MCTA:Would YOU hire union after being sued 25 times by them? The Mehlville FPD paid prevailing union wages for all construction projects)

• Refused to bargain with his employees (MCTA:Local 1889's strategy was SUE FIRST, NEGOTIATE LATER - Hilmer's car was vandalized by the union the night he was elected in April of 2005 - that's how his relationship with Local 1889 began...)

• Threw out their MOU (Firefighters version of a contract) and replaced with a policy book the employees had no input in (MCTA:The MOU expired in 2002 - 3 years BEFORE Hilmer was elected)

• Terminated the union president and secretary (MCTA:After they were caught harassing a fellow union member and stealing his cell phone to "look for enemies")

• Reduced the firefighters and paramedics pension by half (MCTA:Not true, the pension was changed to from a defined benefit to a defined contribution plan that the IAFF and other unions don't like)

• Forced a health insurance policy on employees with $6000 annual deductible (MCTA:Before Hilmer reformed the medical plan, taxpayers paid 100% of the cost of coverage for the employee, their spouse and their children up to the age of 26! Hilmer reformed the plan to make employees pay more into the plan - just like we in the PRIVATE SECTOR do now days)

There is an opportunity for you to make a stand for organized Labor in your community. Mr. Hilmer has gutted the Melville Fire District and has taken his fight to the streets. He is now publicly attacking first responders across the region and turned his rage against the educators of our children as well. He was the only person to testify recently on a bill in Jefferson City that would decimate the pension plans of our teachers.

Mr. Hilmer. as well as Governor Walker needs to be un-elected. You have your chance to make a statement for all of us in the labor movement by going to the polls on April 5 and voting for Mr. Mike Klund.

Vote for C.O.P.E. Endorsed Candidate
Mike Klund on April 5
Melville Fire District Board


Robert A. Soutier, President 
St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO

As you can see, the head union honcho lies as well as Local 1889 and Mike Klund!


  1. I am ashamed of belonging to the AFL-CIO! This isn't what my union dues should be used for.

  2. Hey Mr Soutier,
    If the AFL - CIO is so great how come the United BROTHERHOOD OF Joiners and Carpenters is no longer a member of your organization? Must have been arranged by Mr Hilmer.
    Can not wait for right to work in 2012


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