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Monday, April 4, 2011

Aaron Hilmer Appeared on KMOX AM 1120 Today at 9:20 am

Aaron Hilmer

Mehlville FPD Board Chairman Aaron Hilmer is appeared on KMOX AM 1120's The Charlie Brennan show this morning at 9:20 am. 

Mr. Brennan also invited Mike Klund who is Hilmer's opponent in tomorrow's election. Klund DECLINED to appear siting "work issues". That at least sounds better than "family emergency" but Klund OWNS his own business and sets his own schedule. Mr. Klund is incapable of defending his firefighters union financed campaign of lies, half-truths and deception to the public. Mr. Klund is also TERRIFIED of facing off with the lucid and knowledgable Aaron Hilmer.

Click HERE and find out WHY Aaron Hilmer will be reelected by a LANDSLIDE in tomorrow's election. HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT! On this morning's Brennan show Local 1889 president Nick Fahs' wife "Mary" threw her best shot and missed, while disgraced and TERMINATED former Local 1889 president "Bob" Strinni threw a hook, then Hilmer landed a head punch. Nobody touched a glove on the brilliant Mr. Hilmer.

View the below video and you will witness a very confused Mike Klund attempting to make sense. This appearance was the ONLY candidate forum where REAL LIVE voters had the pleasure of witnessing the idiotic ramblings of a complete (and no too bright) puppet of the executive board of Mehlville Firefighters IAFF Local 1889. We can only hope that after Hilmer wins tomorrow, some of the militant miscreants of Mehlville will find new jobs at other fire districts more to their liking. 

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  1. Aaron was fantastic today! Not one person (including Bob Strinni & Mary Fahs and other Klund idiots)laid a glove on him. Mike Klund is a despicable coward who is such a wuss that he won’t even appear with Hilmer. Klund's done and Aaron wins!


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