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Monday, April 4, 2011

Rich Franz and Mark Stoner for Mehlville School Board

The MCTA was formed last year by concerned South County citizens who were united by their strong opposition to Mehlville School District's ill-fated assault on our pocketbooks known as Proposition C. We were demonized by former Mehlville board member Candy Green along with teacher's union activists and their local public-sector union accomplices. But the MCTA had a courageous leader named RICH FRANZ who calmly but firmly stood up to the opposition and took the lead in the effort to defeat Proposition C. Rich Franz is a natural choice to sit on the Mehlville Board of Education to represent the taxpayers instead of the unions and overpaid bureaucrats who continue spend OUR MONEY on THEIR high salaries, lavish pension and benefit packages. 

MARK STONER is also a strong leader and reformer. Stoner told the Call: "The most pressing issue is to balance the budget. Current leadership has the district running a deficit, which would make Mehlville a distressed school district". Stoner strongly opposed Prop C: "I voted against Prop C. Statistics at the national, state and local level bear witness to the fact spending has no direct correlation to academic success. We need to look no further than the many private schools within the district to realize the validity of this claim" We agree! Spending has skyrocketed on public education but academic achievement has flatlined. Government-run public schools allow the teachers' unions to set the work rules that favor seniority while stifling creativity.

We need strong commitment and fresh ideas on the Mehlville School Board. The current union-endorsed board is more concerned with making the Mehlville NEA happy than serving the citizens who foot the bill. Rich Franz and Mark Stoner will represent us. Vote for ONLY TWO: FRANZ & STONER leave the third candidate blank. View the video below to discover what the teacher's union (NEA) is REALLY all about. It ain't about the "kids".

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