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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mark Emert, Affton FPD Assistant Chief Trashes MFPD Fire Chief Tim White

It's bad enough when ungrateful Mehlville FPD Local 1889 militants anonymously blog on local hate sites about how much they HATE Chief White. However it is REALLY DISGUSTING when the Assistant Chief of the neighboring Affton FPD, Mark Emert,  publicly and crudely wrote the below comment on the Affton-Shrewsbury Patch:

Mark Emert commented on:
Hilmer Defeats Klund for Mehlville Fire Board Seat

8:03pm on Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Deceitful campaign? I think not....Mr. Klund ran a completely appropriate and positive campaign. As far as Timmy saying that the fire fighters slipped away taxpayer monies....I can't call him a firefighter but if I am not mistaken....he was one of the people in the union and gladly took everything he got until he couldn't pass the Captains test so he dropped out of the union, crawled under Hilmers desk and got promoted to Chief without a stitch of qualifications. Now he sits on his thrown and leads by intimidation and terror. He is a danger to Mehlville and the entire Fire Service. They talk about wealth,....why did Timmy write into his own contract a $13,000 raise for himself and $6,000 for his assistant chief under the table............hmmmmmmmmm!! Watch out in two years and four years because justice and right will prevail in the long run.

To their credit, the editors of the Patch quickly removed this vile denunciation of Chief White as inappropriate.

Our question is: should the Mehlville FPD taxpayers continue to pay for NO COST mutual aid to Affton while their top brass trashes our Chief with vile remarks in support Local 1889's puppet candidate Mike Klund? (see below) 

Note to Mr. Hilmer, CUT AFFTON OFF, let Lemay pick up the slack since their chief has trashed Chief White also. Mutual aid is a BAD DEAL for MFPD taxpayers. What do we get out of it? Nothing but insults from the overpaid and pampered brass of Affton and Lemay. If they are so superior to Chief White, they can surely do better without him AND the MFPD's manpower and equipment.

These do-nothing chiefs should take a lesson from the professionalism and dedication of Fire Chief Tim White who regularly puts in 14-hour days. Before White took over, there was no REAL training or discipline at the MFPD. That's why the lazy union shills hate him. Under White, THEY ACTUALLY HAVE TO WORK! That's why Local 1889 calls Mehlville a "once great district". What they REALLY mean is it was great having a job at a fire district where they could sit around all day and do nothing. Of course that WAS great for them.

Affton FPD's Assistant Chief Mark Emert is a disgrace to the fire service and should be immediately terminated from his job.


  1. While Patch always encourages community discussion and opinions, this comment violated the obscenity clause in our Terms of Use. My personal apologies go out to Chief White.
    Sarah Flagg

  2. You are a class act Sarah.


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