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Friday, April 1, 2011

Klund the Kowardly Kandidate

Most challenger candidates would jump the chance to debate their incumbent opponent. However, Mehlville FPD Local 1889's $93,000 endorsed candidate has chickened out for the SECOND TIME to debate the lies he has telling about his incumbent rival, Aaron Hilmer.Klund (view above) is terrified to face Hilmer in ANY venue.

Last week Mike Klund ducked out the forum with Hilmer sponsored by the Call Newspapers and the League of Women Voters siting a "family emergency". Today, Klund refused to appear on Monday's Charlie Brennan Show on KMOX AM 1120 with Hilmer. Another "emergency"?

Mike Klund is afraid to face Hilmer due to the fact that his whole campaign is based on lies that he would be unable to defend. But that's OK with us. Brennan is giving Aaron Hilmer the WHOLE HOUR to speak to St. Louis voters. So join Aaron Hilmer at 9:20 on Monday, April 4 on KMOX to hear what Klund and his corrupt union overlords are doing in the Mehlville FPD!

Mike Klund also has a REAL PROBLEM paying his Property taxes! He has been lying about Hilmer raising taxes while PAYING HIS OWN LATE! As we all know, property taxes are due on December 31st but Klund ignores the law and pays when he feels like it:

Tax YearTaxInterestPenaltiesOther ChargesTotal TaxAmount PaidDate Paid
Tax YearTaxInterestPenaltiesOther ChargesTotal TaxAmount PaidDate Paid
Tax YearTaxInterestPenaltiesOther ChargesTotal TaxAmount PaidDate Paid
Tax YearTaxInterestPenaltiesOther ChargesTotal TaxAmount PaidDate Paid


  1. Klund is a hypocrite, a BSer and a loser. Stick a fork in him he's done.

  2. We Are the HeroesApril 2, 2011 at 11:07 AM

    Attention Hilmer - every firefighter will be calling KMOX to stand up to your mean spirited hatred of our union. Go Klund!

  3. Dear "hero"

    You guys are greedy bums. Heroes my butt. I am a union carpenter and you off-duty scabs underbid us and put our guys out of work while you work 3 days a week and collect your $125K salaries. We have no solidarity with scabs.Go f... yourselves.

  4. What makes you egotistical cry babies think you are heroes? I am sure the Jim Kornhardt was a "hero" also?


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