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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mike Klund - the $93,000 IAFF Local 1889's Candidate Speaks!

After yesterday's stunning revelation of the corrupt Mehlville firefighter union Local 1889s HUGE expenditure of over $90,000 on their puppet candidate, Mike Klund, we urge you to view this video. You will discover that this greedy public-sector union is supporting a candidate with no platform, no vision and NO BRAINS! Of course, a puppet needs no brains since his strings are pulled by others. Never before in this history of South County has there been such NAKED AGGRESSION against the taxpayers exhibited by a labor union to seize control of a local government. Aaron Hilmer has spent six years being tormented with threats of murder and bodily harm, harassment of his family, destruction of his property and 25 complaints and lawsuits filed by these thuggish union jumokes formerly lead by a convicted murderer.

We as taxpayers owe Aaron Hilmer a great debt of gratitude for taking the Mehlville Fire Protection District out of the hands of the union bosses. Local 1889 is even using a quadriplegic veteran as a prop in their political campaign of lies and deceit. However, it won't work. On April 5 we will go to the polls to reelect Aaron Hilmer and dispatch IAFF Local 1889 once more to defeat. The voters should beware of this overt power grab by the militant thugs and bullies of this malignant union who are mobilizing to take back the power at the Mehlville FPD so they CAN ROB US. 



  1. Someone who actually knows what the truth isMarch 30, 2011 at 3:53 PM

    You are Aaron Hilmer's puppet. What type of an idiot has nothing better to do than to bash someone who only has the taxpayers best interest at heart. Hilmer is a liar that has RAISED taxes. If you weren't so short-sighted you would get your taxes out and do the math!!!!!

  2. I got the piece about the wounded veteran narrated by former Mehlville firefighter Russ Bono. I am told that Bono held the record for phony work comp claims that cost MFPD taxpayers dearly. His relative, Tood Nicely doesn't even live in the district - he lives in Jefferson county. Another lie from the union.

    Attention Mike Heins: Check out Nicely on CaseNet. He would have never been hired as a firefighter by Neil Svetanics.

  3. Hey someone,

    Klund has the taxpayers at heart? REALLY?

    He only has the bosses of Local 1889's SPECIAL INTERESTS at heart. That's why they gave him 90K. Aaron HAS lowered taxes, the district just took the CPI. Would you apply this same argument to Mehlville School District? They took the last CPI for over 14 cents!

    Klund is only looking for Nick Fahs and his buddy the Jaw Buster.

  4. I just noticed in Klund's Call ad that he will "end the lawsuits" for "illegal" actions by Hilmer and the Board. Another pack of lies from Klund's masters, Local 1889. Who file all of these lawsuits? That's right - LOCAL 1889! If the Board was doing 'illegal" stuff, why has the union LOST all of the lawsuits?

    Again, all we have are LIES out of Klund and his union backers. All from a bogus candidate who is TERRIFIED to face the public.


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