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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mark Emert, Affton FPD Assistant Chief Apparently Escapes ANY Punishment

It must be just fine with the Fire Chief and Board of Directors of the Affton Fire Protection District that their Assistant Chief, Mark Emert can blog gay pornographic denunciations of our Mehlville Fire Chief Tim White. Even worse, Emert still has a job and has gone unscathed for his despicable actions. 

Keep in mind that Emert holds the SECOND HIGHEST POSITION IN THE AFFTON FPD!  Here is what he wrote on the Patch the morning after the April 5th election:

Mark Emert commented on:
Hilmer Defeats Klund for Mehlville Fire Board Seat

8:03pm on Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Deceitful campaign? I think not....Mr. Klund ran a completely appropriate and positive campaign. As far as Timmy saying that the fire fighters slipped away taxpayer monies....I can't call him a firefighter but if I am not mistaken....he was one of the people in the union and gladly took everything he got until he couldn't pass the Captains test so he dropped out of the union, crawled under Hilmers desk and got promoted to Chief without a stitch of qualifications. Now he sits on his thrown and leads by intimidation and terror. He is a danger to Mehlville and the entire Fire Service. They talk about wealth,....why did Timmy write into his own contract a $13,000 raise for himself and $6,000 for his assistant chief under the table............hmmmmmmmmm!! Watch out in two years and four years because justice and right will prevail in the long run.

Sources close to Chief White tell us that he doesn't even know Assistant Chief Emert. However, Emert seems to know the inside machinations of hate for White masterminded by Mehlville FPD's corrupt public sector union IAFF Local 1889. In fact Mark Emert appears as a friend on MFPD employee Craig Dexter's Facebook page. Dexter just happens to be the brother-in-law of Nick Fahs, the president of Local 1889. We can logically assume that Dexter may be the conduit of hate to Mark Emert. If so, Dexter has some explaining to do.

We think that the media should know about the hatred and corruption that is universally exhibited against Chief White and Aaron Hilmer by the union thugs who control Metro fire protection districts. We think that Affton FPD would be much better of WITHOUT Mark Emert as the Assistant Chief. No apology should be accepted by Chief White without the immediate termination of Mark Emert.


  1. Emert should be terminated along with Dexter and Fahs. Clean house and send the jerks off to a firehouse far away from south county.

  2. Is this the same guy who made up a story about an Affton firefighter being detained by police for filing air tanks at MFPD? He made his Board look like buffoons.

  3. Any truth to the rumor that Nick Fahs is on his way out? Is it true that he is next on the Chief's list?

  4. Mark Emert is a disgrace to ethical firefighters everywhere. He has no honor.


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