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Saturday, October 2, 2010

MCTA Rally on Oct. 14

The Mehlville Community Taxpayer's Association will hold it's kick-off rally at 7 PM on Thursday, October 14 at the South County Holiday Inn. The meeting will include speakers from the community who will outline the campaign against Proposition C. 

Tell your friends and neighbors to join us in opposition to the massive tax increase proposed by the big spenders at the Mehlville School District. 

WHO: The Mehlville Community Taxpayer's Association

WHAT: MCTA Kick-Off Rally

WHEN: Thursday, October 14 at 7 PM

WHERE: South County Holiday Inn 
6921 South Lindbergh Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63125
(314) 892-3600


  1. My whole family will be there! We spend over $12,000 a year to send our kids to decent private schools yet we are forced to pay off the education bureaucrats in the Mehlville district. Our kids attended Mehlville schools for 2 years and we were appalled at the academic level of instruction. We think that the whole system needs to be overhauled and replaced with public schools that actually teach. Mehlville does not deserve one more penny of our money to fund a failing and bloated bureaucracy.

  2. It’s refreshing to read a comment like the one from the Jacksons, a real local family who is living the issues (or, apparently, the nightmare) of the Mehlville School District.

    School district officials all over the country – including Mehlville – continue to dream up frivolous ways in which to spend our tax money because they can. No one is watching them.

    Then School district officials – including Mehlville – talk to themselves and convince each other that that’s what the community wants. It’s not! We want you to STOP SPENDING.

    The Mehlville School District Aristocracy wants us to open our wallet and turn over our hard-earned money every time they cry “It’s for the kids.”

    Well, it’s not for the kids. It’s for the administrators’ six-figure salary, and for the teachers’ salaries and pensions. Just say it for once.

    What we taxpayers want is for Mehlville school officials to STOP THE SPENDNG. Period. Taxpayers are tired of the mad cash-grab, and we’re broke. Get it into your head. I’m having to cut back on EVERYTHING to make it in today’s economy. I expect YOU to do the same, Mehlville. CUT SPENDING. TIGHTEN YOUR BELT. Live in the REAL WORLD for ONCE. I’m not making your six-figure salary, nor will I be receiving $100,000 a year when I retire. I’ll be lucky to receive a paltry social security check if they don’t cut me off by then.

    Mehlville School District, you are greedy. Get over yourselves.

  3. Public employees are the new "ruling class".

    They get larger salaries, almost 40% more in health benefits, 50% more in pensions and much shorter work hours (with exception of fire fighters who are paid to sleep and pay NO pension contributions).

    The taxpayers are always given dire warnings by local governments if tax increases are not approved like: "If Prop C ins't passed our real estate values will go down" or "It's all for the kids". Baloney.

    In comparison, the Mehlville Fire District told us in 2004 that their tax increase was a "matter of life and death". But in reality, it was only a grand scheme by the administration and the firefighter's union to substantially raise employee salaries and benefits. It took a team of reformers and an election to defeat the union's hand picked cronies and stop the hemorrhage of wasteful spending and unending employee raises.

    The reality is that property values have gone down 20%, school district employes have received 9% in raises over the last 2 years and academic achievement has flatlined for years. Why should we reward this poor management by giving these politicians another $12 million to mismanage and waste?

    We the poor unwashed taxpayers are starting to discover that all of the massive tax hikes proposed by the "ruling class" are an unabashed redistribution of our wealth to the bureaucrats who demand a royal lifestyle from the people's pocketbooks.

    Its time to say NO to any government that wants more of our hard-earned money. It is time for the "ruling class" to sacrifice and to stop demanding the we must. Mehlville School District's leaders have proven that they have no leadership record and no credibility.

    Vote NO on Prop C! No more money for failure!

  4. We are very excited that the MCTA is opposing Proposition C! Our friends and family were outraged with the Terry Noble salary fiasco and Tom Diehl's condescending remarks about the taxpayers made to Elliot Davis on Channel 2.

    The ivory-tower elitists who run the Mehlville Schools need a loud and clear wake-up call from the taxpayers. We continue to be fleeced by the tax and spend policies of this administration and their union allies and it will be much worse if this unpopular tax hike passes.

    I am a non-union electrician and understand that my company will be locked out of any building projects approved by the residents. Why? Because the Democrats on the board of education are in favor of a Project Labor Agreement that only allows union workers to work in your school district. This is a big giveaway to the labor big-shots who are writing the checks to pass this bogus 25% tax increase.

    Proposition C is bad news for workers and taxpayers. We will be at your rally to help stop it.

  5. I have a child who is in 8th grade at Oakville Middle School and they comment every day about how unorganized and unprepared the teachers are there... For 3 years my child went to a private school for 4th, 5th and 6th grade and the difference between the quality of education at the private school vs. Oakville Middle is night and day... The teachers at Oakville Middle seem like they are there to collect their paychecks and do as little work as they can in order to keep their jobs.. In fact my child says that most of the teachers at Oakville Middle spend more time on their computers or even on their cell phones sending text messages than they do actually teaching the students!!! If fact apparently the only times the teachers actually teach is when the principle comes into the room to observe the teachers which is very very rare... The problem with education system in the Mehlville school district is not that it needs more money it's that the over paid administrators actually need to get off their backsides and manage and measure the performance of the existing teachers that are "educating" our children!!student

  6. I grit my teeth and write this comment anonymously because our grandchild is attending Mehlville middle school and I do not want to bring recriminations against her from faculty or administrators. I agree wholeheartedly with the previous posted comment about teacher's lack of "real teaching" in the classroom. From the feedback we're getting, the teachers announce assignments, let the students use the textbooks for information, grade the work (I don't think they even connect the work to the student) and hand out grades. In the meantime, they are on their computers during classroom...
    "teaching time" This means they are not attempting to give one-on-one attention to any student who might need it during class time. To me this is NOT teaching.

    St. Louis city has dealt with these education problems for years...just read an article in the St. Louis Post about how education has gone from "public" schools(which are failing) private schools (which people cannot afford in this economy) and now to "free" (publicly funded) charter schools like Gateway Science Academy. Why in the world do people have to resort to all of this? Why can't the public school system just do the job it is funded to do?

    I think you get my drift. We could throw them all of the money they are asking for and it would not solve the problems in the classrooms. Let's get that issue addressed before one more penny is expended to the district.

  7. I totally agree with the previous two comments. My middle school grand-child sits through his typewriting class and literally watches his teacher pick his nose and wipe it on the desk staring at the clock. I believe it. When I was a kid, teachers at least had manners. What is this world coming too?


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