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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Order a No on C Yard Sign!

If you would like to proudly display a NO on C sign in your yard, please call 314-892-9411 and leave a message including your full name, address, and a contact number. 

Let the big spenders at the Mehlville School District how you feel!


  1. I'll bet the unions steal your signs as soon as you put them up.

  2. Point School PTO meeting:

    Monday, October 11, 2010, 7:00 PM at Point Elementary School Library

    All are invited.

    All viewpoints regarding Prop C are welcome.

  3. I'm sure the PTO (which is a rubber stamp for the teachers union's agenda) is completely impartial. It would be a waste of time for you guys to send someone to this kangaroo court. Your time is better spent call ing you friend and neighbors and urging them to vote NO on this monstrosity.

  4. Here is a first-hand account of this morning's first Pro-Prop C meeting held at Mehlville High School. Thanks to one of our local patriots who provided this report, and who shall remain nameless:

    Good morning. Here is my report of this morning's first rally in support of Prop C: No expense was spared in this morning's propaganda meeting in support of Prop C, as approximately 500 teachers, staff, and administrators were in attendance at this mornings rah rah rally. The crowd consisted of approximately 80% school district employees...

    Coffee, donuts, etc., were enjoyed by all. Leaders were quick to point out that no tax dollars were spend on the breakfast...

    Cheerleaders from both high schools were present to perform cheers in support of Prop C.

    School board members in attendance were Ocello, Diehl, Felton, and one other member.

    Democratic candidates from the 85th, 97th, and 100th district race who were in attendance were invited to address the crowd.

    No republicans were present.

    There were plenty of glossy literature handouts on many tables, as well as hundreds of glossy yard signs. They will be canvassing the WHOLE school district, EVERY HOME, between now and election day, EVERY DAY.

    Prop C Canvassers are to record the reaction of each homeowner who opens their door (or not) to the Prop C canvassers. The reactions and comments will all be noted in the form of a 'survey' to be given to the central organizers.

    Mehlville is basing their wish list and comparisons on the coveted Webster Groves school district. They used examples from past tax increases, bond issues, etc., for at least the past 12 years to justify their current 'need'. They are targeting a tax rate equal to that of Webster Groves, and reviewed the starting tax rate of $2.88 to their present rate of $6.88 assessed valuation.

    Terry Noble said this project would create over 2,500 jobs in our Mehlville area, which is significantly increased from their original projection of 500 jobs. This now sounds like a Federal government construction job of the highest magnitude, not a local school district improvement project. Who's distorting the figures, and to what end ?? Why ??

    And they are LOCKING OUT any non-union workers.

    There was a HUGE display of architectural drawings for what Mehlville is planning to build. Not sure who paid for all of that...


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