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Thursday, September 30, 2010

MCTA in the News

In today's edition of the Call, there is a great article about the MCTA. To read it, click HERE.
We also urge you to read about our opponents in the same edition.

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  1. Ron & Jill AlbertOctober 1, 2010 at 7:28 AM

    Jeff Clobes said in yesterday's Call: "...They're the people who are opposed to public education, and that's a shame. Their message is probably not the message the community as a whole needs to hear," he continued. "Because it's not about the 88 cents. It's about the kids ...

    "It's not about what the opposition group wants it to be about. Neither Jim nor I are politically motivated. We're in it for the kids. I believe the opposition group is committed for a different reason."

    I remind Mr. Clobes that they ARE making a political statement by advocating a YES vote for Prop C. Clobes' committee is a CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE which IS political! Cut the crap and at least be honest about what you are doing.

    Proposition C is a ballot proposal BY the unions and FOR the unions. The kids will receive very little benefit other than a few new buildings. The lion's share of this massive 25% tax increase will go directly into the pockets and pension funds of district employees to raise their compensation packages to the "county median". Employees received a 3% increase this year and 6% last year. Quite a nice hike in salary during the worst recession since the 1930s. WHAT DID THE KIDS GET OUT OF THE DEAL?

    It is also striking that the building trade and electrician's unions are pouring money into the opposition's campaign coffers. These unions also expect the Democratic Party controlled Board of Education to sign off on a Project Labor Agreement to lock out any non-union workers from the district's new construction projects. IS THAT FOR THE KIDS TOO?

    Yes Mr. Clobes, this IS political and it is NOT ABOUT THE KIDS!!!


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