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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Aaron Hilmer on KMOX AM 1120 Today

Aaron Hilmer represented the MCTA on KMOX AM 1120's Mark Reardon's show today. If you have not heard it yet click HERE. Aaron did a masterful job unmasking the true intent of Proposition C. Great show Aaron!


  1. Jeff Clobes didn't even know that Prop C never sunsets. Wow!

    The calls: The teacher's husband seemed more concerned about his wife's salary that the costs to the taxpayers. Forrest Miller obviously had his facts completely jumbled and sounded quite fragmented. Aaron hit a home run!

  2. Forest Miller is wrong!

    They already increased taxes 14 cents to "compensate" for reduced valuation!

  3. What Mr. Clobes didn't tell you was how much local businesses will be affect. he just takled about residential rates. Think of a small company that their tax bill will go up $10,000 if C passes.
    Oh and the 2500 construction workers. Remember that this is tax money, so the prevailing wage law applies. Which means non-union personnel can also work on any of those projects. So how does that sound to the trades that took a pay reduction this year, might see their tax bill go up and not even step foot on one of those construction sites.

  4. The Whole Mehlville School Board and anyone in favor of us is in a fantasy world. I totally agree 100% with MR. Hilmer that they dont even deserve a penny extra. The raises, the taxes, the pensions, the TURF project, etc. is way way too much. Please quit using the line"Its for the kids"its never for them, its for the employees pockets. I could write a ten page blog about how terrible this school board and prop c are but ill save it for the rally on thursday. cant wait. VOTE NO!!!!!!

  5. Yesterday's KMOX show proves why Aaron Hilmer is the most popular politician in south county. He is looking out for us, not the bureaucrats who think that they can hike our taxes anytime they want a bigger raise. I predict that Aaron will be reelected by another landslide.

  6. awesome job aaron!


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