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Friday, March 11, 2011

Send Karl Frank, Jr. Some Pepto Bismol!

Well, the MCTA's Rich Franz has certainly rattled the cage of failed former Mehlville Board of Education member Karl Frank, Jr.

Frank opined on the candidate profile of Franz published on a local blog: "When I read Mr. Franz's comments it literally makes me sick to my stomach. I know he means well and believes he has good intentions, but the consequences of his ignorance on the educational needs of our children are so enormously wide ranging that bits depressing to think about….Part of me hopes he gets elected so he can learn, but the larger part of me doesn't want our community to suffer the consequences of his education". 

You may also remember this stirring aside by Mr. Frank: "They disgust me. They literally make me want to vomit when I think about it...I am sick and ashamed of the majority of the Mehlville community." he said after the landslide defeat of Proposition C. We think that someone should send Karl a bottle Pepto-Bismol while he is reminded of his OWN massive failure as an elected official. As taxpayers, WE are the ones who are nauseated by the power games and outright hostility against the taxpayers exhibited by Karl Frank, chairman Tom Diehl and his merry board of tax raisers.

The MCTA has endorsed Mehlville Board of Education candidates Rich Franz and Mark Stoner  because their first priority is to represent the taxpayers NOT the public sector unions who presently dominate the District.

According to an interview with Franz and Stoner in the Patch, their goals are:
  1. The pair said it would first and foremost promote fiscal responsibility. They believe that the board has an opportunity to use the budget they’ve already been given by the taxpayers to accomplish the goals of providing the best academic environment for the students. The school district’s track record in working with little money has proved that they can handle a tight budget, Franz said. “We’re looking at a $4.8-million reduction and we think that’s very doable,” Stoner said. 
  2.  The school board needs to build its credibility with the community. Franz and Stoner believe that for the community to trust the board, they need to believe the board has the residents’ fiscal health in mind. 
“The board needs to be sensitive to the economic hardships that taxpayers are currently experiencing,” Franz said.
  3. Classroom and student achievement also needs to improve. If elected, the two would strive to see higher SAT/ACT scores and graduation rates, more students in gifted programs and a higher number of students attending college. To accomplish this goal, Franz and Stoner said that the board needs to give administrators a chance to do their jobs, and raise teachers’ standards with a level of accountability. Franz calls for a better way to review teachers. Instead of using test scores and that may cause teachers to teach based on the tests, Franz wants to involve community members in the current peer performance review process. 
The Residents of the Mehlville School District should note that every school board candidate (excluding the MCTA's Rich Franz and Mark Stoner) voted for Proposition C and wants to raise your taxes. They want us to believe that they need more of our hard earned money "for the kids". Baloney!

The public sector unions and the greedy public education bureaucrats want to raise your taxes for only one reason - more salary and benefits for THEM. Forget the kids. 

Franz & Stoner are the ONLY CANDIDATES who are running for Mehlville Board of Education that are committed to working for US. Vote for Rich Franz and Mark Stoner on Tuesday, April 5, 2011.


  1. What in the hell happened to Karl Frank? Is he nuts?

    It's really disgusting that the Patch allows partisans like gay rights crusader Vicki Lorenz Englund to lecture us on her left-wing radical views while she is running for office in the Lindbergh School District.

    It's no wonder that the Patch has no advertisers. What conservative business owner would waste his ad dollars with a commie rag like the Patch? It's a joke! Thank God we have the Call.

  2. I kind of hope they get elected. Perhaps they'll be enlightened about unfunded mandates by the state, federal and state requirements, and lack of funding. Maybe they'll actually share their newfound knowledge with all the people who think that the priority for a school district should be cutting pay and making "across the board" cuts (wth does that mean?). I think the priority for a school board ought to be kids... call me crazy.

  3. Cutting pay and pension contributions is where private companies usually start when they are threatened by budget shortfalls. My company has not given raises or bonuses in over 3 years! Yet Mehlville teachers and administrators have received over 15% (6%+6%+3%) in the last 3 years. Call me crazy, but that hardly seems aimed at "the kids".

  4. I am voting for the MCTA's candidates! Aaron Hilmer has proven himself over the last six years, while his opponent is an inarticulate, clueless liar who is getting huge sums of money under the table from IAFF affiliated PACs. That will be proven very soon. Mike Klund is in serious trouble.

    Rich Franz and Mark Stoner are reformers who will profoundly change the intransigent nature of the Democrat/Union-led board of education and career educrats.

  5. Will Stoner-Franz promise not to raise my taxes for 3 years? If so I will vote for them.

  6. Stoner & Franz, if elected, are only 2 votes on a seven person Board controlled by liberal Democrats. They can't stop a tax increase but I can assure you that THEY will not vote for it.

  7. LOL No on C.... the board doesn't raise taxes. They place tax increases on ballots. The community raises taxes when they value the service being provided. It's too bad that our community doesn't value children and public education.

    If this post gets published this blog will have only censored 75% of my posts! :)


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