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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doyel, Powers and Roland Endorsed by Militant Union

The Mehlville Teacher's union (MNEA) has endorsed three candidates for the Board of Education election being held on April 5, 2011.  Michael Doyel, Elaine Powers and John Roland have been selected by the Mehlville NEA. 

The MCTA endorses Rich Franz and Mark Stoner BECAUSE they will not be robots for the ultra-liberal Mehlville teacher's union. Rich and Mark are the ONLY candidates that did not vote for Proposition C to raise your taxes. Reformers like Franz and Stoner are needed to change the destructive union culture prevalent in today's government schools and return control to the taxpayers. As the NEA's general council stated that it's not about the "kids", its about Money & Power, NOT Education.


  1. I guess we all now know that's it's really not about the kids! Great video!

  2. It is truly a sad day for the kids as the true colors now fly. However there will come a time when it will be our turn.


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