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Friday, February 4, 2011

Restore the Pride Committee Prompts Ethics Complaint

The campaign committee that raised vast sums of cash to cram Mehlville School District's Proposition C down our throats has failed to follow election Missouri law. The "Committee to Restore the Pride" has refused to file their campaign disclosure that was due 30 days after the November 2, 2010 election.

Missouri Revised Statute 130.046. 1. decrees "The disclosure reports required by section 130.041 for all committees shall be filed at the following times and for the following periods: (2) Not later than the thirtieth day after an election for a period closing on the twenty-fifth day after the election, if the committee has made any contribution or expenditure either in support of or opposition to any candidate or ballot measure; except that, a successful candidate who takes office prior to the twenty-fifth day after the election shall have complied with the report requirement of this subdivision if a disclosure report is filed by such candidate and any candidate committee under the candidate's control before such candidate takes office, and such report shall be for the period closing on the day before taking office".

Well, it has been over TWO MONTHS since this disclosure should have been filed. Our question is, why haven't the enlightened progressives who wanted to confiscate a very large amount of our hard-earned money explained to the citizens how they spent THEIRS. If county executive candidates Charlie Dooley and Bill Corrigan can file their 30-day after election reports - that included millions of dollars and thousands of donors - on time, what's the deal with Jack Jordan and Jeff Clobes' "Pride" committee?

During the Prop C campaign, virtually every construction-related company in South County was solicited (some call it a "shakedown") by minions of the "Pride" committee. These businessmen (and women) were told that they had the potential "to make big bucks from Mehlville School District" if C passed. That did not happen. Proposition C went down in flames in a landslide NO vote. But the "Pride" committee reaped tens of thousands of dollars that they do not want to disclose. WHY?

An associate of the MCTA personally filed a complaint this week with the Missouri Ethics Commission to force the "Pride" folks to disclose to the public how much they raised and who contributed. It is a shame that "Pride" did not obey the law in the first place. The MCTA had no problem filing our disclosure on time, so we think our opponents should have done the same thing. But, they didn't.

The next time that Mehlville School District and their boosters want to raise our taxes, we should keep in mind the ethical and legal problems of their "Committee to Restore the Pride". It certainly nothing to be "Proud" of.

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  1. Isn't that amazing! Until the paper work is filed The "Pride" is still waiting to be restored.


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