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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Dog Ate Tom Diehl's Homework

Now we have heard it all!

Mehlville School District chairman Tom Diehl has "misplaced the paperwork" for the Restore the Pride committee's post-election finance report. It would have been more believable if Diehl said "the dog ate my homework". Even more troubling is the fact that the "Pride" committee's treasurer, Jack Jordan, turned all of his political campaign committee's to district superintendent Terry Noble and BOE chairman Tom Diehl.

Mr. Noble has no business involving himself in the political machinations of the "Restore the Pride" committee's operations. But the deeper question is, did Jack Jordan visit Mr. Noble on Mehlville School District property to deliver the campaign documents? Did Jordan walk into Noble's office and hand-off these records? Did Noble then summon Tom Diehl to pick them up at the district office? Or, did Noble deliver the reports to Diehl's home and charge the district for milage?  Perhaps another ethics complaint is in order to initiate an investigation by the Missouri Ethics Commission.

In light of Terry Noble and Tom Diehl's handing of the political campaign to shove Proposition C down our throats and their inability to comply with state law, we think that resignations should be forthcoming from both officials. What is sad is that Jack Jordan and Jeff Clobes will be responsible for coming up with $4000 (or more) in fines for not doing their jobs as campaign committee treasurers. Jordan, Clobes, Diehl and Noble all have one thing in common. None of them are leaders in any sense of the word.


  1. Wow! These guys are the poster children for stupidity! Get 'em out of there!

    And we pay Terry Noble how much?

  2. Let's leave the superintedent out of this.This is definitely a case of mass confusion. The other three's actions are inexcusable. Three well educated people and they can't find, much less file, the required paperwork on time! No wonder Prop C went down in flames.

  3. Why leave Noble out? He was up to his eyeballs in Prop C now he is even doing Diehl's grunt work on the taxpayer's dime. Noble should go now!

  4. @ Big Al 101 I was trying not confuse the already confusing boondoggle and there was a lot questions of who did what in the article with out any real specifics. The real bumbler is Mr. Jordan. Just what in the world was this man thinking, or not thinking, when he gave the super. the paper work. And besides Diehl and Noble have not voilated any law as they are not listed as responsible parties on the Restore the Price documents to administor the paper work.
    Now if it comes out that they were actually named on the paper work then....


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