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Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Ethics Complaint Filed Against the Restore the Pride Committee

Another ethics complaint has been filled against Jack Jordan and Jeff Clobes' "Committee to Restore the Pride" according to Ken Meyer of the MCTA. This committee campaigned for the passage of Mehlville School District's Proposition C which was defeated by a landslide vote last November. "One of our associates followed up his first complaint filled on February 1st with a second complaint filed on Saturday (Feb. 5). 

The second complaint alleges that the "Pride Committee" failed to file their January 15th quarterly campaign finance disclosure report in violation of Missouri law. Missouri Revised Statute 130.046. 1. mandates that "The disclosure reports required by section 130.041 for all committees shall be filed at the following times and for the following periods....(3) Not later than the fifteenth day following the close of each calendar quarter". The "Pride Committee" has also neglected to file their 30-day after election which was due on December 2, 2010. 

The MCTA's Ken Meyer stated  "I believe that since taxpayer dollars were involved in the informational phase of this campaign, the "Restore the Pride Committee" should be called to account for their slipshod behavior in the management of their record keeping" Meyer stated. "The "Pride Committee" was supported by current school board members, the superintendent, the administrative staff, many teachers, unions, district vendors and local construction firms. It seems to me that the contributors themselves should be leaning on Mr. Jordan and Co. to file the proper paperwork so their reputations are protected" he said. "If they are trying to teach our children the proper way to conduct themselves they should set an example" Meyer concluded.

Proposition C was doomed from the beginning. It NEVER had a chance of passage due to the overwhelming opposition of the taxpayers. The "Committee to Restore the Pride" is again arrogantly thumbing their nose at the citizens of the Mehlville School District with their refusal to comply with Missouri law. Perhaps the Democratic gadfly chairman of the Board of Education should exert some pressure on the "Pride" guys to file their reports since he was the chief author of the district's November 2 political armageddon .

We hope that "Pride" still has some funds available to pay the fines which will be levied against them by the Missouri Ethics Committee. 


  1. Can anyone out there please tell me why this committee can't obey the law? Weren't these the same people who were writing on Karl Frank's blog and on the Pride committee's Facebook page how stupid the taxpayers were for opposing their 88-cent tax increase? Seems that the stupid people ain't us!

  2. Simple answer, PELS, post election loss syndrome.


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