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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Teachers Union Launches Ad Campaign Supporting Obama Jobs Bill

By Kevin Bogardus - 09/28/11 12:49 PM ET

The National Education Association (NEA) launched a multistate television ad campaign Wednesday in support of President Obama's American Jobs Act.

The 30-second television ad urges lawmakers to vote for the legislation, with several children saying school programs are being cut and teachers are being laid off. The president's proposal includes $30 billion to pay for teachers and another $30 billion to modernize schools. 

NEA is the nation's largest union, with 3.2 million members made up of teachers and other education staff.

"The American Jobs Act is a win-win for the American people," NEA President Dennis Van Roekel said in a statement. "Congress can choose to put students ahead of political gridlock by supporting a bill that puts Americans back to work, modernizes our schools, and puts educators in classrooms instead of on the unemployment lines."

The ad will air in Washington, D.C., and five states: Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia. A spokesman for the union estimated the ad buy would cost roughly $350,000.

The NEA estimates that the bill could put 280,000 educators back to work and modernize 35,000 public schools.

NEA Launches Self-Serving Ad Campaign for Obama Jobs Bill

The National Education Association, the nation’s largest labor union, is rolling out its new $350,000 television ad campaign to generate support for President Obama’s American Jobs Act. Thirty billion of Obama’s $450 billion jobs bill has been designated to supposedly save 285,000 teaching jobs.
According to our estimates, the bill would generate $35.4 million in dues revenue for the NEA. In other words, the teachers union is spending $350,000 in hopes of getting over $35 million in “saved” dues payments – a return 100 times greater than the initial investment. These union geniuses belong on Wall Street.
Our estimates also show that the American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s second-largest teachers union, would see $13 million in “saved” dues payments.
Here’s how we arrived at our estimates:
About three quarters of unionized teachers are represented by the National Education Association.
According to the White House, 285,000 teaching jobs would be affected by the jobs bill. Seventy-five percent of that number is 213,750.
Every member pays dues, including $166 per year that goes to the national union, according to a secret union document posted on (213,750 multiplied by 166 = $35,482,500).
Similarly, the American Federation of Teachers, which collects annual dues of $184.20 from each member (according to financial statements found at, would save about 71,250 jobs saved. The dues ramifications? A little over $13 million.
At its national convention last summer, the NEA announced that it will support President Obama’s re-election effort.  Earlier this year, the union also announced that it will take $20 from each member’s annual dues payments to spend on “upcoming elections.”
So the union gives to the president, and he returns the favor. The great American tradition of special interests dictating government policy seems safe under the Obama regime.
Given that the relationship between the Democratic Party and the nation’s teachers union is one of co-dependency, this jobs bill and the corresponding ad campaign simply don’t pass the smell test. This bill is only meant to give the teachers unions some walking around money, just in time for the 2012 election. What a coincidence.


  1. Conspiracy theories at their best....OR qualified, educated professionals have determined that it makes sense from the standpoint of helping children. However you want to look at it. :::Shrug::::

  2. The NEA has always helped itself FIRST and put kids at the back of the bus.

    The comrades of the NEA always stand behind the most extreme leftist political agenda endorsed by the Democrat party.

    If you want your kid taught that abortion and gay rights and redistribution of the wealth are good and the Republicans and the Tea Party are racists, then you should pat the NEA on the back.

    However most Americans perceive this union as subversive and opposed to traditional American values.

    The citizens of Missouri should contact their legislators and persuade them to END collective bargaining for public employees. Turn off the spigot of compulsory union dues and of millions of dollars in political contributions to the Obamaite Democrats/socialists would dry up. Then we could finally have decent schools and real job creation.

  3. The NEA is now demonstrating with the Occupy Wall Street protesters in NY who are anti-capitalist, pro-socialist and pro-communist. Birds of a feather?


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