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Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Olive Branch to Dr. Eric Knost

Yesterday, we posted a piece critical of Mehlville Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost's blog on a local website.

Today, Dr. Knost visited with one of the MCTA's editors and made a strong case for harmony among the various interest groups in South County. We very impressed by Dr. Knost's sincerity and desire to work together for the improvement of the Mehlville School District.

The MCTA has only sought a spot at the table to propagate our commitment to small accountable government. We will again make our case to the voters in the next school board election. It was not our desire to make Dr. Knost our whipping boy. We support his efforts to cut the rancor and work together for a consensus in which all parties can be heard. We want to give Dr. Knost a chance.

That is the reason we have removed yesterday's post. The MCTA reciprocates Dr. Knost's bold effort to reach out and tone down the rhetoric. We would like to see him succeed.


  1. Thanks I think you made the righ move.

  2. Thank You this is great attempt I'm sure this is heart felt I to am very critical of one of your main contributers. Mr Franz Mr Stoner Greg I'm sorry but I don't want to misspell your last name and Mr Meyer plus except my apology for being sometimes off with you if you are truly willing to extend an olive branch then I will to.

  3. You can take your olive branch and stick it up your ass.

  4. When are you people going to get some class and care for the good people of South County rather then act like IDIOTS and right communistic type bloys:

  5. 10:32 pm You might have a point there.

  6. Anonymous Nov.3:

    Wow, seriously? I believe when you're willing to be productive, you set an example you would love to see others follow. Therefore, if all else fails, you can still be proud of your actions. I encourage you to take the high road. With hopes of working for a united community, I appreciated the gesture of an olive branch offered by the MCTA. We can rest assured of differing opinions throughout our community, but when you look hard enough, there's always common ground to build upon. It's amazing what actual conversations can do, especially when we act like decent human beings.

    Set the example you want others to follow.


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