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Monday, August 15, 2011

Teachers Make More in Retirement Than When Actively Employed

The Public School & Education Employee Retirement Systems of Missouri (PSRS/PEERS) produced a video on YouTube entitled "Funding Update" to inform the elite recipiants of the status of their gold-plated pension plan. PSRS/PEERS presented  Bret Ghan, Chief Communications Officer's interview with M. Steve Yoakham, Executive Director.

At the 6:50 mark on this video,  M. Steve Yoakham states the amazing fact that "We will pay that average retired teacher more money in retirement than her school district paid her during her working career".  HMMMMMM!

We ask: Is that a good deal for the taxpayers? We here at the MCTA think not. We urge you to contact your state legislators and tell then that you are FED UP with the PSRS/PEERS redistribution of wealth to the public education ruling class. Tell them that you want REFORM NOW! 


  1. With the bullcrap that they take off of the parents and so called tax payers they deserve evey penny that they get for there pensions.

  2. I see the enlightened and intellectual South County "Anonymous" union thugs have chimed in. This guy's a real brain surgeon. Learn to spell!

  3. Teachers low pay is acceptable as they are aware during their employment that they are earning deferred income in the PSRS system. Without that, most would leave our district FAST for areas like Fox and Kirkwood where they can make from $7000 - 16,000 a year more. If you don't like our tax rate, move to someplace like Affton. Oh wait, they have a higher residential take rate. Oh well.


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