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Sunday, August 21, 2011

EMS Teacher at SLCC Gives Better Grades to Students Who "Volunteer" For Democrat Party

South County residents are well aware of the perpetual meddling of public sector unions in local election campaigns. Last April, IAFF Local 1889 dropped close to $100,000 to defeat Aaron Hilmer in the Mehlville FPD while the Mehlville teacher's union mobilized to defeat reform candidates Rich Franz and Mark Stoner. These unions were narrowly defeated in spite of their exorbitant spending.

However a far more subtle union political scam has been uncovered by the MCTA concerning St. Louis Community College EMS program assistant, Stephanie Buck. 

We have learned that Ms. Buck who serves as a EMT-P for the Robertson FPD and is a militant activist for IAFF Local 2665.  Ms. Buck has involved her students in Democratic political campaigns for extra "community service" course credits.

According to students in Buck's SLCC classes, Stephanie Buck informed paramedic students that she'd been contacted by Jennifer Stuhlman, the political commissar of Local 2665. Stuhlman apparently told Buck that the union needed help with a Democrat political campaign. At that time Buck told her students that if they would "volunteer" to help with the campaign they would get credit for community service.

Students who "volunteered" were sent to Clayton where they were directed to put up yard signs for Democratic St. Louis County Assessor candidate, Jake Zimmerman. These students then were awarded course credits for "community service".  

Since when is it permissible for teachers to use students of a taxpayer supported institution (St. Louis Community College) to erect yard signs for the Democrat party to get better grades? Paramedics ARE NOT political science majors and should be doing their community service in the public health category where urgent help is needed all over St. Louis County.

The Board of St. Louis Community College should immediately commission a thorough investigation of Stephanie Buck's union/political advocacy. The Mehlville Community Taxpayers Association calls upon the board of the St. Louis Community College District to send a clear message to the community that this partisan use of the taxpayers dollars will not be tolerated and Ms. Buck will be immediately dismissed from her position with the district.


  1. All of the these union ingrates should be fired from the college and barred from teaching EMS anywhere. With many poor, needy and sick low-income citizens in St. Louis County, it is a terrible waste of paramedic skills to put these students to work in a Democrat campaign rather than serving the medically deprived.

    But what does County Assessor Zimmerman have to do with firefighters and paramedics anyway? He makes no policy decisions that effect first responders other that his anointing by the Demos in the leadership of Local 2665. More proof that Local 2665 cares nothing about serving the people. They only care about their own political power and fat paychecks & benefits. Very Sad.

  2. I understand this will be the new union that will represent the Mehlville Firefighters.

  3. Has the Board of SLCC be contacted about this matter?

  4. I understand most of the Board members of the SLCC are Democrats. So nothing will ever happen to the young ladie.

  5. Don't really care either way, but how is this different from any time teachers go for a raise or tax increase they always force the students to stand around holding signs supporting the increase???

  6. Are you kidding do you really believe a word this guy is writing? This is an obvious attack at a union firefighter. Do you really think that any teacher would give extra credit based on a political party. Just so you are truly kept up to date I believe in the last major election the IAFF split their political backing for candidates about 60% for the Democrats and about 40% for Republicans. But you are not looking for the truth you just want to try to slam unions

  7. I DO believe that a militant union EMS teacher would send her students out to put up yard signs for a hack like Zimmerman. The IAFF only supports Republicans who tow the union line for even bigger boosts in pay & benefits for UNION personnel. Let's not forget that the vast majority of firefighters in MO are non-union volunteers. BTW the 80% of IAFF campaign cash goes to the Demos.

  8. Volunteer Firefighters are nothing but scabs that don't know what the hell they are doing. A true disgrace tt our country.


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