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Thursday, November 4, 2010

MCTA's Rich Franz on Fox 2 News

The MCTA's Rich Franz appeared on Fox 2 News last night to discuss the overwhelming defeat of Prop C. Click here to view.


  1. Awesome....not. Hope that everyone who voted no is prepared to be involved in the process to determine the cuts and the process to keep the district moving forward. Of course, they won't because they are too cowardly to actually enact change. They'd rather just sit home and gripe about what an awful job educators are doing.

    What is an appropriate level of compensation for someone who is fully responsible for the lives and the educations of almost 11,000 children every single day and supervises, what? 1000 + employees? How much should that person be paid?

  2. Since no real progress can be made with the current Board in place, new members will be elected in April and THEY will start the process of reform. Any incumbent who voted for placing Prop C on the ballot will be soundly defeated. I wish Aaron Hilmer would consider running.

    With new leadership and a mandate from the taxpayers, no COMPASS-like community engagement process will be needed. The district knows how the taxpayers feel after Tuesday's rout. COMPASS was a phony dog & pony show with a predetermined outcome. I seriously doubt that UNICOM•ARC will ever get a call from Mehlville again. The Board has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on surveys, COMPASS, "mentoring" and consultants fees with this union PR firm. There should be a prompt investigation into the "double dipping" of UNICOM•ARC engaged in acting as the district's AND the Pride committee's PR firm.

    I would like to see all union contracts eliminated when they expire and every administrator terminated and forced to reapply to compete with professionals from OUTSIDE the public school bureaucracy. Those salaries could be cut by 20%. These two steps would save millions of dollars. Of course, that would be only the beginning....

  3. jazzed are way out of touch with reality and are clearly nothing more than an anti-public school monger. We can all understand people who simply voted no because of timing or the economy but you are anit-public school. Please put your time and effort into donating to private schools and leave those who dedicate their lives to taking care of society alone. Your vote isn't needed for the public school process to continue on a daily basis....with or without adequate funding.

  4. Dear Anonymous Stalinist,

    I will not let a totalitarian like you "take care of society". My vision for public schools is that they are run by the taxpayers who pay for them. Not by the unionized Democrat progressive elitists who have already destroyed public education. A new day of reform has dawned and there is no going back. New Jersey is only the beginning. You and Obama should have a nice day together in the Kremlin.

  5. Dear jazzed....I'm a conservative and an independant thinker. Unfortunately, it's people like you that make others think all conservatives are nut jobs. By the way, all public school board members are tax paying citizens and they are elected by the people. I suggest you run for the board and see how quickly the public identifies with your anit-public school, unrealistic sentiment. Good luck! In fact, why don't you stop posting as anonymous and start your campaign right now? Unless you also realize just how crazy you sound.

  6. Don't worry we will be around.

  7. jazzed up, i noticed you recomended arron hilmer. funny suggestion he's spending money like theres no end. buying a rescue truck 1 1/2 years before its due to be replaced,at a cool 1/2 million. then theres 2 yes i said 2 fire houses being built, in the worst economy in 80 years, plus raised taxes the last 3 years in a row. and still has to use reserves to pay bills.

  8. Mike Klund: We all know that you are running against Aaron Hilmer next April. If you are using this diatribe in your Local 1889-backed campaign I wish you luck. The infrastructure of the MFPD was SO run down after decades of union control that Hilmer was forced to restore it. Before Hilmer, ALL of the district's money was flowing to employees in salaries, pension and other benefits. The firehouses were in bad shape and needed attention. Hilmer was able to CUT TAXES and provide additional services as well as rebuild firehouses.

    You have a tall hill to scale if you (and your buddies Nick Fahs & Dennis Skelton) think that six years of real progress in the MFPD can be reversed by such an asinine argument. The people of Mehlville know that Local 1889 is a corrupt and quasi-criminal enterprise. Endorsement by Local 1889 is the kiss of death for any potential candidate. Everything you guys have thrown at Aaron has blown up in your own faces. You guys can lie as much as you want to, but Aaron will win by at least a 63% TO 37% margin. Same as Mehlville’s failed Prop C which you and your 1889 cronies worked for.

    If Local 1889 is hoping to convince the citizens that they are a philanthropic organization by doing benefits for needy individuals, then they also must open their financial records (all of them!) to their members and the public. I seriously doubt that Nick Fahs would want his members to know how much he paid the former president who was fired by the MFPD for harassment.

    So I look forward to your League of Women Voters’ debate with Mr. Hilmer when your clock will be thoroughly cleaned.


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