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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Election Results: Mehlville Proposition C – Need New Vision/Leadership!

From : United for Missouri -

One of the local issues United for Missouri became involved in was the Mehlville Public Schools Proposition C tax levy increase.  Many of the supporters of the measure, most of whom posted anonymously, didn’t like the fact we pointed out it was 25% levy increase or that the Board of Education (BOE) offered a nearly identical percentage increase to the Superintendent’s salary or the fact that the BOE failed to make the case of why Proposition C was even needed during these tough economic times. Whether with one, some or all of the above issues the voters agreed and decisively voted against Proposition C.

We have suggested that the BOE actually have a process that involves the community and results in something they can support and not one that produces the answer the board wants.  Those involved in the process didn’t like that suggestion either.  The BOE might also want to consider the economics of their patrons and put only what is absolutely necessary on the next ballot proposal.

The voters of the district sent a loud message to the BOE. The question is, will they be Harry Reid in their response or will they actually listen? You can bet the patrons of the Mehlville Public School District will be watching! and so will we! - Carl Bearden


  1. I don't think these pinheads will ever learn. Prop C has put the Mehlville Schools 10 years behind. The voters have had it.

    Tom Diehl and Karl Frank, Jr. insisted on spending a fortune on COMPASS and the ill-fated Prop C. Even Dan Fowler told them not to place such a large increase on the ballot. In their arrogance, they ignored everyone who disagreed and now look what they have...a debacle. Great job! Wonderful Obama liberals at work.

  2. MCTA, what is your plan for Mehlville Schools and Community? What type of community engagement would you suggest? Personally, I don't want to waste anymore time or money if Mehlville is not able to pass a tax increase. After four years, the response from the voters was "no way". What can we do NOW for kids WITHOUT cutting programs, firing teachers and increasing class sizes? Lindbergh, Kirkwood and Webster passed increases and bond issues in 2010. As a Mehlville taxpayer, what can I expect for my children's education and my home values? Why should I stay in THIS community? The Prop C people held open houses that addessed "what's in it for me?"
    Now with the tax levy defeated, "what's in it for me?" Yes, my taxes did not go up, but now what? I've heard that there will be cuts to transportation, after school activities and teachers. I don't relish the idea of snarled traffic, no sports and higher class sizes (already too big in my opinion). What is the time frame for "fixing" our schools? Will my children benefit? Where is the school system wasting our dollars and how do we eliminate waste? I do not want to pay for private school, since I am already paying taxes for public school and to live in Mehlville - which I thought was a desireable area. Now I am not so sure. I will be awaiting your reply.

  3. I have an idea: Cut bus service, cut teachers salaries, cut administrators, cut Hussman & Dickenson, cut UNICOM-ARC, fire Terry Noble and use the savings to really improve the classroom performance for the kids.

  4. Anonymous 2 here are a couple of ideas that should be discussed. First of all have a heart to heart discussion with the Superintendent and tell him the hard facts. First if he loves his job so much and if he is all for the kids, then he is going to have his salary frozen for the next two years. His car allowance is gone and he is going to have to pay for his wife insurance. If he whines and retires or moves on so be it. Remember it is for the kids.

    Determine what is really needed to create a better educational environment. We do not believe it is a brand new middle school. Or security cameras on buses. Or site impovements. Keep the Architect out of it. If you noticed on Nov. 3rd all the other disticts, with the exception of Linbergh passed bond issues for their capital improvements. Do you see any other school districts, besides Clayton, building new middle schools? Let me remind you that Benard was rebuilt because the old building had very serious structural damage that could not be repaired economicaly. So that made sense. Fine Arts centers are nice but to build two at the same time? Maybe, maybe not. We would not count those out entirely. If they are built then move graduation back to the school.

    As of 2009 report card, class size in MSD was 18:1, two students over the average of all 23 districts. Rough math, cut 100 teachers and the ratio goes to approximaetly 22:1. They might have to work a little more. I don't know about you but when I was in school we had 25 to 30 kids. And in order to teach that many there was discipline in class. That also needs to be addressed to give the teachers more authority without having to worry about being sued. Tenure is out. Master degrees will not equate to an automatic raise. Just because you have a piece of paper does not make you a better teacher. If I remember 1+1=2 no matter how many abbreviations you have after your name. Pensions need to get in line with the rest of the work force. the current system can no longer afford itself. And that goes for the entire education cartel.

    Has anyone really done a cost payback on out sourcing the bus service? We would.

    These are just a few of the many that can be looked at. But quantity does not equal quality.

  5. You realize that class size is an average, right? 18:1 means some classes have 5 kids and some might have 30.
    I can tell you that many many middle school core subject classes are over 25 students per class.... but the ratio is lower because there are classes co-taught w/ special education teachers, certified teachers who teach all grade levels and are counted in the ratio....but don't teach core classes. So a school of 700 may have 27 core teachers- average of 26 kids per class, but because there's an art teacher, music, band, tech ed, facs, health, p.e., etc teacher in the building...the ratio drops to 18:1. The fact is there are 26 kids in a class at a time.

  6. Yes, some of those reported class size numbers are misleading. All certified staff are counted, even if they are not teaching. An Elem school will have one or two principals and maybe a counselor. While they do not have a classroom, their presence in the building artificially reduces the avg reported to the State of MO. Many basic HS classes (Eng, Math, Science) are over 30 kids.

  7. MTCA,

    I am fairly certain that Mr. Noble will be resigning this spring. How much do you think it would cost to search for a new super and make an attractive compensation offer? More than what it would cost to keep Mr. Noble?

    Have you seen Margaret Burkle Middle School? How can you say it does not need replacing? The situation is EXACTLY the same as Bernard.

    The security cameras were not for the busses, they were for the schools - part of security.

    As for 2009, my elementary child was in a class of 30 students. All classes of that grade were 30. This year is the same. Physically the classroom was too small to accomodate - crammed in like sardines.

    I prefer that we keep our bus service "in house". I think we have a better quality of drivers and they have a good rapport with students. I have seen other districts with outsourced service and it is cold. Other than cutting completely, I don't see how we would save that much. Cutting service entirely does not make sense as it is unsafe for kids to walk along state highways (no sidewalks) and traffic would be snarled along them with parents/caregivers driving to schools - many with parking lots barely able to accomodate teaching and admin staff.

    Have you viewed the 5/25/10 budget cuts proposed by BOE? These would be "bare bones" and sub-standard education (compared to other schools across county and rural Missouri). Do we really want that? Do lower tax rates alone make my home and community more desireable for potential buyers?

    How would you attract parochial families and senior citizens to be part of the solution? The entire community was invited to the COMPASS meetings. Very few of these groups were represented. What will it take? They simply vote NO on every proposition. They have not set foot into the schools, so how do they know these improvements are not needed?

    Lindbergh passed their levy of only 23 cents LESS. Is thier community different than ours? Did/do you oppose their increase? Can you explain why The Call endorsed their Prop L, yet rejected our Prop C? Can you guarantee that my children (and others) will NOT fall behind their neighboring (and global) peers? That they will be well prepared for college and careers?



    Please respond. I am very interested in your thoughts as I am wondering whether to remain a resident/patron of Mehlville.

  8. Please respond to the above questions? Parents, patrons and children of Mehlville are awaiting your plans for the community. What is in it for us. This is meant respectfully. Please elaborate on your plans for Mehlville School District. Thank you.


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