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Friday, April 6, 2012

Ex-McCaskill Staffer Bob Burns Goes Down in Flames


The St. Louis Post Dispatch is reporting that Joan McGivney has defeated Bob Burns in their race for St. Louis Community College Trustee Subdistrict 3. With all precincts reporting, McGivney has a 105 vote lead with 6985 votes to Burns's 6880. Congratulations to McGivney!
Stay strong. Someone said brownshirts, and some people got offended by that, but if you look at history, when Hitler took over Germany, they did just that. They disrupted meetings, screaming, and then it got violent, but they were always in the minority.
Burns is pictured above marching with the Occupy St. Louis radicals. The occupy movement has lived the violence that Bob Burns only imagined Tea Partiers committed: rapes, murders, assaults. In fact, this evening Tea Partiers held a candle light vigil for victims of Bob Burns and his occupy thugs.
If you forgot about today's election you'll have another opportunity to vote against Bob Burns so long as you live in Missouri's 93rd State House District. You might even consider taking a Democrat ballot in the August primary and voting for Joe Montecillo.

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