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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aaron Hilmer to Appear Tomorrow Morning on Charlie Brennan's Show on KMOX AM 1120

It seems that Aaron Hilmer's editorial in last week's Call has rankled the public education elite in South County. This story is just starting to gain notice from the media. On Friday Sept. 2 at 9:30 AM, Aaron will appear live on the Charlie Brennan Show on KMOX AM 1120 to discuss reforms to the overly generous and underfunded state teacher's pension system.

We were especially amazed that the largely ignored Mehlville-Oakville Patch featured an article that didn't even bother to interview Mr. Hilmer in reference to his Call op-ed. The Patch has become a home for the Hilmer and Call haters of the area. In fact, the Patch employs disgraced Mehlville Board of Education Karl Frank, Jr. as a columnist and allows his self-serving blather on almost EVERY post. 

Mr. Frank has reached the apex of his ignorance by posting libelous and easily disprovable bromides such as "Not everyone can sue their fathers for an inheritance. Some people actually work for a living" in reference to Mr. Hilmer. 

Since we know Aaron Hilmer and have seen him after he comes home from work caked with mud from his physically exhausting work as a plumber, we know how hard he works at his job. We challenge Mr. Frank to provide ANY EVIDENCE of a lawsuit by Aaron against his disabled father. Mr. Frank is only repeating what a small clique of disgruntled ex-MFPD employees have been lying about for years. We find Mr. Frank's comment "Some people actually work for a living" amusing since our sources report to us that Frank is unemployed. If Mr. Frank is credible, he should be able to prove his accusation.

Perhaps this is the reason that no informed South Countian relies on the Mehlville-Oakville Patch for their local news.


  1. Is this the same Karl Frank who claims to sit naked in his beanbag chair eating Cheetos? Its obvious that he doesn't work due to the fact that all he does is blog.

  2. I'll be listening!

  3. I thought Aaron sounded GREAT.

  4. Karl Frank has become the new Mike Heins.

  5. Karl Frank has become a legend in his own mind. Remember taxpayers, this is the same Karl Frank that believed UNICOM's survey that indicated a tax increase would pass in the MSD. He is still Boo-hooing over the defeat of that tax increase which had a snow ball's chance in h... of passing. Here is a person that turns to personal attacks when he can not debate facts.


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