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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Prop C Fails to Carry a Single Polling Place, Official Election Results Show

December 01, 2010 - Recently released official Nov. 2 election results show voter support for the Mehlville School District's Proposition C never reached 40 percent across the four applicable south county townships.

And while Lindbergh Schools voters approved the district's Proposition L last month, official results show the measure failed to carry a handful of polling places.

The St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners certified the results Nov. 16.

More than 62 percent of voters Nov. 2 rejected Mehlville's Prop C, a proposed 88-cent tax-rate increase. The measure received 13,988 "yes" votes — 37.4 percent — and 23,369 "no" votes — 62.6 percent.

Of the district's 64,611 registered voters, 38,439 cast ballots in last month's election, putting total voter turnout at 59.5 percent.

Prop C received 599 "yes" votes — 36 percent — and 1,062 "no" votes — 63.9 percent — in Concord Township.

The measure garnered 2,902 "yes" votes — 39.4 percent — and 4,470 "no" votes — 60.6 percent — in Lemay Township.

Prop C received 6,223 "yes" votes — 37.6 percent — and 10,317 "no" votes — 62.4 percent — in Oakville Township.

The measure received 4,264 "yes" votes — 36.2 percent — and 7,520 "no" votes — 63.8 percent — in Tesson Ferry Township.

In addition, Prop C did not carry any of the school district's 45 polling places.

Mehlville's previous tax-rate increase proposal, Proposition A, was defeated by 64 percent of voters in February 2006. The measure, a 97-cent tax-rate increase proposal, received 6,746 "yes" votes — 36.05 percent — and 11,968 "no" votes — 63.95 percent.

Of the district's 65,546 registered voters, 18,812 — 28.70 percent — cast ballots in the February 2006 election, a 28.7-percent voter turnout.

Prop A carried only one of 43 polling places — the First Baptist Church of Oakville, 6741 Telegraph Road — where it won by 17 votes.

Last month, Prop C was rejected 632-477 at that polling place.

More than 53 percent of voters Nov. 2 approved Prop L, a 65-cent tax-rate increase proposal. The measure received 11,872 "yes" votes — 53.7 percent — and 10,239 "no" votes — 46.3 percent.

Of the district's 35,602 registered voters, 22,653 cast ballots in last month's election, putting total voter turnout at 63.6 percent.

Prop L received 1,067 "yes" votes — 53.4 percent — and 930 "no" votes — 46.6 percent — in Bonhomme Township.

It garnered 3,808 "yes" votes — 52.9 percent — and 3,386 "no" votes — 47.1 percent — in Concord Township.

The measure received 4,849 "yes" votes — 54.6 percent — and 4,038 "no" votes — 45.4 percent — in Gravois Township.

In the Tesson Ferry Township, Prop L received 2,148 "yes" votes — 53.3 percent — and 1,885 "no" votes — 46.7 percent.

While it was successful at the township level, Prop L was rejected at six of 28 polling places.

It received 37 "yes" votes and 88 "no" votes at Geyer Road Baptist Church, 504 S. Geyer Road, where voters in Bonhomme Township precinct 26 cast their ballots.

The measure lost by only one vote at Fenton City Hall, 625 New Smizer Mill Road, the polling place for Bonhomme Township precincts 37, 38 and 39. There Prop L received 281 "yes' votes and 282 "no" votes.

Prop L received 469 "yes" votes and 534 "no" votes at Martin Luther Lutheran Church, 10151 Sappington Road, where voters in Concord Township precincts 25 and 31 cast their ballots.

The measure received 226 "yes" votes and 249 "no" votes at the Tesson Ferry Branch County Library, 9920 Lin Ferry Drive, the polling place for Concord Township precincts 30 and 52.

It received 345 "yes" votes and 369 "no" votes at St. Thomas Holy Spirit Church, 3980 S. Lindbergh Blvd., the polling place for Gravois Township precincts 8, 9 and 45, as well as Bonhomme Township precinct 35.

Finally, Prop L received 428 "yes' votes and 441 "no" votes at Sunset Hills City Hall, 3939 S. Lindbergh Blvd., the polling place for Gravois Township precincts 10, 11, 12 and 46, as well as Bonhomme Township precincts 41 and 44.


  1. MCTA disgusts ME. You are all right wing nut jobs who oppose ANY TAX and always will.
    It is the KIDS who will SUFFER as they fall behind their peers. It is the teachers who will suffer as they work for crumbs. It is the elderly who will suffer as their homes devalue (hope they don't need skilled nursing care). It will be the homeowners who suffer as they cannot get a fair price and new neighbors are of lesser quality.

    Answer the questions on the other threads if you dare.

  2. You are an ass! And you disgust ME!

    The majority of Mehlville residents think that the leaders of the MSD are irresponsible spendthrifts. Why doesn't the Board cut employee salaries by five percent instead of raising them by 3%? The Mehlville bureaucrats don't give one sh.. about the KIDS. They are only interested in how much money they can selfishly give THEMSELVES!! Elliot Davis needs a call.

  3. Spendthrifts? Clearly, some residents are mis-informed. Or maybe they are good at not letting the facts get in the way of a good "me first" arguement. Me me me, taxes taxes taxes.

  4. To 1st anonymous and retired teacher; that is your opinion and you have the right to that opinion. However, you must stop drinking the Kool-aid. We are not oppose to taxes just to be opposed. Until the MDS administration and the BOE can show how it has or will bring spending in line we will continue our efforts to confront tax increases.
    Please explain how the kids suffer. Suffer in what? Please, in detail give us some points. Because based on what we have read on the schools report card from the state regarding ACT scores, graduation rates, drop out rates and average teacher year experience Mehlville kids are not falling behind thier peers.
    Just where do teachers suffer? Please give specific details that make their employment so dire. Please spell out how their job is different than the carpenters or electrians or laborers, nurses and the many others that work for a living and are not on the taxpayer payroll. Work for crumbs? Union, let me repeat, union electricians took a 8% pay cut in the last contract. When have you seen that in education. There are 2080 hours of work in a year. Teachers work how many and for what amount of pay? Again, with the scare tactics on home values. We have yet to see home values decrease based on the happenings of the MSD.
    Retired teacher; Spendthrifts, lets educate the public about how the PSRS is going to break the bank of most school districts if something is not changed. What person can one set aside so little and get so much in return? Mehlville teacher works 31 years and gets 80% of their average 3 highest salary years for how long? Life! A lot of taxpayers only hope of seeing those kinds of returns.
    Don't give us the smoke and mirrors about Teachers don't pay into social security. That is true as long as they work as a teacher. What if they work a part time job in the summer? Or after retirement they work in the private sector. Do they still not pay into SS. Don't think so. And after you work for so long in the private sector you may accummualte enough credits to get a check from SS. Wow! Haven't read that any where have you.
    Teaching used to a profession a person went into to help teach kids. Now it is nothing more than me, me, me, raise raise raise.

  5. Teachers pay in 14% of their salary for their retirement. That is a lot of money coming out of their checks for retirement. They are not getting a free ride when they retire- they have paid in quite a bit! Teachers work long hours- just like many professions- for less money. We have many teachers that work 10-11 hour days- no over time, no bonuses! As for social security, I know a teacher that worked in the business realm for over 10 years before becoming a teacher. She will not get any of the Social Security she paid in when working for a business. She will only get her teacher retirement so she loses all that money. I don't understand why you are attacking teachers?? Have you spent a day in each of the Mehlville schools and watched what the teachers are doing?


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